Traditional Lime Rendering

Lime Render is a separate trading name and business of Reilly Ceilings. Lime Mortar applications are an important part of our archictectural heritage and at Lime Render, we continually strive to learn new techniques so that we can address each unique project with the correct knowledge and care.  

Lime Render is one of the most trusted lime plastering companies in Ireland and we have recently completed high profile projects such as Kilmainham Gaol Courthouse and the Department of Finance.

There is a very wide range of types of lime rendering. Rubble walls of many vernacular buildings were often treated with just a single coat of render, amounting to not much more than a very full, flush pointing. Such a render is thicker in the hollows and very thin over the stone faces. There was no attempt to create a flat surface so the undulations of the wall and even some of the stones themselves were not concealed.

For a smarter finish or on more prestigious buildings the aim would be for a more uniform render achieved by applying a scratch coat to fill the hollows and take up some of the unevenness followed by one or two more coats which were worked to a flatter surface. Sometimes joint lines were ruled into the damp top coat to create the illusion of ashlar stone, but a common finish for many houses and cottages was a rough-cast where the final coat consisted of a mortar slurry containing coarse grit applied by throwing from a special trowel.

For interiors a fairly smooth surface could be obtained using a coarse render mix, but for top quality internal plastering the final coat would be richer in lime and polished up to a smooth, close finish.

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