Health & Safety

Reilly Ceilings recognises that it has a duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, so far as is reasonably practicable. Reilly Ceilings is committed to ensuring that these obligations are met and wherever reasonably practicable shall exceed them.

Reilly Ceilings believes that the provision of a safe working environment and systems will enhance the company’s health and safety climate. It is therefore considered that excellent health and safety performance directly contributes to our commercial success.

Reilly Ceilings recognises the duties it has not only to its staff, but also to all trainees, those obtaining work experience through school programmes, visitors, sub-contractors and any others who may be affected by its activities.

Reilly Ceilings recognises that all employees must adhere to their duties and therefore ensure that employees do not endanger themselves or others working with them. Neither must they interfere with anything that has been provided for health and safety. This is enforced through regular training and communication with all affected by the activities of Reilly Ceilings.

Reilly Ceilings is committed to the following principles:

  • • That activities and objectives should be set to ensure a continuous improvement in health and safety.
  • • That active monitoring, through inspections, audits and safety reviews is an essential element of performance improvement.
  • • That appropriate resources, both financial and physical will always be available to support this policy.
  • • That all employees will be provided with sufficient information, instruction, supervision and training to enable them to work safely and efficiently.


Reilly Ceilings undertakes to revise and review this policy as often as future developments in health & safety legislation renders appropriate.

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