We want to share with you the different acoustic treatments we used to achieve a comfortable acoustic environment throughout the building.

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As you enter Breifne House there is a large showroom with a lot of hard surfaces. We chose to make a feature using Bennetti Moss Wall. This is a stunning versatile greenery for any indoor space. We used it here to give a contemporary feel on the logo feature wall. The ceiling in this area was also sprayed with Bo Spray in black. Since it is above the light fittings it cannot be seen.


In the board room we used Baswa acoustic plaster in the oval shape above the board room table.

Baswa is the original seamless acoustical plaster. Microscopic pores in the finished system allow for the absorption of excessive noise and reverberant sound. This system is great for walls or ceilings with for domes, vaults, complex curves or flat surfaces.

We chose to use it in white, although it can be coloured, which makes it almost invisible. The effect is that, despite all of the hard surfaces in the board room, there is no echo and it is very comfortable for meetings, Zoom calls etc.

On the first floor, we used 50mm Pyrosorb cut into 600×600 squares and dropped into the beautiful red grid ceiling. Again, since it is above the lights it is almost invisible – you can just see one grid in this ceiling which has been left empty since the smoke detector is above it!

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