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Our highly experienced personnel have developed a strong customer/client-focused approach to our services which we believe is the main reason behind our growth and success.

This approach coupled with our ability to adapt to changing customer trends, demands and new materials enables us to meet our client's needs effectively on time and on budget.

Now in business 7 years and based in Dublin and Longford, Reilly Ceiling and Drywall Ltd is now a leader in its field. We are pioneers in providing quality, modern drywall and suspended ceiling systems.

Overleaf is just a sample of some of the work we have completed recently, all clients have been satisfied with our precise finish and timely completion. Reilly Ceiling and Drywall Ltd's greatest asset is its skilled and professional workers.

On site, Reilly Ceiling and Drywall utilises Health and Safety codes strictly whilst attempting to promote clean, safe and efficient work environments.We hope this website can give you a better insight into our company and its' services.


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